Monthly Specials

Your Favourite Wines are on Sale at The Village Winery in Victoria!

The Village Winery believes that the only thing better than quality wine is quality wine at special prices. That's why we feature monthly specials for our wine-loving friends in Victoria. The prices listed below are for the wine kits and ingredients only. To make wine 'on premise' the regular fee of $55 applies, with no extra charges for corks, shrink caps or labels and includes customizable labels.

These are the monthly specials for June 2021

Cru Select Italian Sangiovese (Brunello)… (Regular: $129 - Special: $109.95)

This deep ruby red wine with aromas of tobacco, ripe plums and black cherries will remind you of Tuscany. The palate offers explosive notes of blackberries, prunes, and vanilla.

Vineco Estate Series Chilean Carmenere… (Regular: $129 - Special: $109.95)

Originally from Bordeaux in France, Carmenere is medium to full-bodied with notes of raspberry, red cherry and plum. Soft tannins and a smooth finish make this an instant classic.

Cru Select Argentinian 'Trio' - Chardonnay/Viognier/Riesling … (Regular: $125 - Special: $107.95)

This modern New World white highlights the apricot and floral notes of Viognier, the minerality of Riesling, and the tropical aromas of Chardonny to make a flavourful, easy-drinking wine.  

Cru Select German Gewurztraminer … (Regular: $125 - Special: $107.95)

Spicy notes, typical of Gewürztraminer are complemented by aromas of roses, lychees and tropical fruit. Gewurztraminer may be made dry or sweetened to taste.  

On The House Shiraz... (Regular: $69.95 - Special: $59.95)

Originally from France, but made famous in Australia, this Shiraz is medium-bodied and smooth wiht hints of spice and black fruit.

On The House Pinot Grigo ... (Regular: $69.95 - Special: $59.95)

Rising in popularity, Pinot Grigio is crisp and clean with notes of citric fruit and a dry finish.