Monthly Specials

Your Favourite Wines are on Sale at The Village Winery in Victoria!

Wine is an aromatic and flavourful indulgence that can enhance special occasions, meals and quality time with friends and family. The Village Winery believes that the only thing better than quality wine is quality wine at special prices. That's why we feature monthly specials for our wine-loving friends in Victoria. The prices listed below are for the wine kits and ingredients only. To make wine 'on premise' the regular fee of $55 applies, with no extra charges for corks, shrink caps or labels and includes customizable labels.

These are the monthly specials for April 2020

Atmosphere Australian Whisky Barrel Shiraz  … (Regular: $129 - Special: $109.95)

Fermented on oak from whisky barrels, this Shiraz has ripe black and red berry aromas with peppery spice. Intense juicy dark fruit balances with the oak in this medium to full-bodied red.

Cru Select New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc  … (Regular: $123 - Special: $107.95)

Crisp, full and fruity with intense flavours of grapefruit, herbs and freshly cut grass with a clean and dry finish are characteristics of this Sauvignon Blanc.

Grand Cru Rosso Superiore  ... (Regular: $79.95 - Special: $69.95)

Deep in colour, high in tannin, robust and intense on the palate with earthy notes of mushroom and black fruit.

On The House Merlot  ... (Regular: $69.95 - Special: $59.95)

Smooth and easy-drinking with a soft finish, this Merlot has a nose of plum and red currant with cherry flavours and a touch of vanilla.

Grand Cru Verdicchio ... (Regular: $74.50 - Special: $64.95)

Herbal aromas dominate the bouquet, while flavours of lemon and pear entice the palate. The finish is crisp and clean, creating a refreshing style white wine.

California Connoisseur Pinot Grigio ... (Regular: $68.95 - Special: $58.95)

The Pinot Grigio is light in body, fresh and delicately fruity, while still retaining a dry and crisp finish.