Monthly Specials

Your Favourite Wines are on Sale at The Village Winery in Victoria!

Wine is an aromatic and flavourful indulgence that can enhance special occasions, meals and quality time with friends and family. The Village Winery believes that the only thing better than quality wine is quality wine at special prices. That's why we feature monthly specials for our wine-loving friends in Victoria. The prices listed below are for the wine kits and ingredients only.

These are the monthly specials for March 2019

Atmosphere Australian Cabermet/Shiraz  … (Regular: $123 - Special: $105.95)

Medium to full-bodied, rich and ripe with a plum and blackberry nose. Spice from the Shiraz and silky tannins are complemented by toasted oak. Approachable in 3 months, this classic blend becomes smooth with age.

Cru Select Australian Chardonnay … (Regular: $123 - Special: $105.95)

Clean, crisp and rich in varietal character, fruit flavours abound with notes of apple cloves and butterscotch tantalizing the palate describes this Chardonnay.

European Select Cabernet/Merlot ... (Regular: $69.50 - Special: $59.95)

Medium-bodied, this quintessential Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot is lively and fruity with a berry bouquet when young, becoming smooth over time.

European Select Pinot Grigio ... (Regular: $67.50 - Special: $56.95)

The Pinot Grigio is light to medium in body, fresh and delicately fruity, while still retaining a dry and crisp finish.