Specialty and Niagara Mists

Premium Specialty and Niagara Mist Winemaking Kits in Victoria

There’s something for every palate at The Village Winery. Stop by our Cadboro Bay Road location to browse our selection of specialty wines such as ice wine or port. These kits are full juice kits and do not require any water to be added. The Ice Wine and Port make 30 - 375 ml bottles.

We also feature an impressive selection of Niagara Mists. These wines are uniquely refreshing wine beverages with a bold splash of ripe fruit. Niagara Mists ferment out to only 7% alc/vol and are a slightly sweet. They may be served chilled, over ice or even with a touch of 7-Up as a spritzer.

Each batch of the Niagara Mists make the equivalent of 30 – 750ml bottles. Prices quoted are for the 'kits' or ingredients only. To make wine 'on premise' the regular fee of $55 applies, with no extra charges for corks, shrink caps or customizable labels.

Premium Specialty Wines

Apres Port ... $99.95

In the manner of classic Portuguese ruby Port, this wine is made from a blend of different grape varieties including Spanish grapes to help capture the unique taste profile of southwestern Europe. Without optional fortifying, this port will ferment to 16 – 17% alc/vol. Very rich and flavourful, the intense fruit character and depth of flavour is apparent right at bottling, but like all ports, the benefits of aging are quite rewarding.

Apres White Ice Wine ... $99.95

Our Cellar Craft White Ice wine is made from Washington State Johannisberg Riesling. Complex, rich and intensely flavourful, this dessert wine carries prominent notes of peach, apricot and honeydew. Meant to serve chilled, the finish is long and lingering.

Niagara Mists

Niagara Mist Raspberry Merlot ... $69.95

Smooth and invigorating flavours of sun-ripened raspberry combine with the natural blackberry hints of Merlot.

Niagara Mist Blackberry Malbec ... $69.95

Ripe, juicy blackberries accentuate Malbec's natural blackberry flavours.

Niagara Mist Green Apple Sauvignon Blanc ... $69.95

Crisp green apple flavour is balanced with Sauvignon Blanc for a refreshing summer taste.

Niagara Mist Peach Chardonnay ... $69.95

Enjoy a tasty combination of ripe, sweet peach and the smooth buttery richness of Chardonnay.

Niagara Mist Tropical Fruit Riesling ... $69.95

Bursting with aromas and flavours of juicy sweet pineapple, mango, kiwi and Riesling's natural fruit.

Niagara Mist Strawberry White Zinfandel ... $69.95

This refreshing fruit wine has an exquisite bouquet of fresh picked strawberries.

Niagara Wildberry White Zinfandel ... $69.95

The full, ripe flavour of blackberries, blueberries and raspberries make this a summer delight.

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